Social Media Management


Managing social media takes time, time you don’t have when you’re running a business. We’ll take care of it for you by:

  • reaching a wider audience, meaning more customers
  • promoting your business with content customers care about
  • combining that content with a strategy that gets it to the right customers at the right time

Social Media Activation

Social Media Activation is the process that a brand undertakes when launching social media as a channel for the first time. Internet Marketing Ninjas does a discovery and research process to understand your target audience in the context of social media, and research is done to identify the appropriate platforms for your brand to engage on. Once the appropriate platforms are identified, Internet Marketing Ninjas optimizes your brand presence on the target platforms and develops an editorial calendar to launch across media types.

Offering Include:

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation

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