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Slugdesign is a Freelance Graphic Design & Web Developing studio based in Ireland Co.Kerry.
We work hard at providing quality web resources, online advertising and clean responsive design.
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We are creative thinkers with a focus on modern web production. We use the latest tools available to help build your brand's digital presence. was set up as a service, not just to offer amazing website design and graphics, but to get your site found by practical SEO tactics, written content, and social media integration. We offer the complete all in one package.

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What We Can Do For You?

We can’t just design an item that looks great. We also have to anticipate how it is boxed up, distributed, and shipped, as well as whether or not a seventeen-year-old kid with a summer job can stock it on the store shelf without ruining it

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Web & Grapphics Design

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Web Designer

I will work closely with you to achieve original, modern and relevant designs that grab your audience's attention and get the results you need to expand and grow your online business presence.

Digital Marketing Manager

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Digital Marketing Manager

Always on top of the latest trends and developments in Digital Marketing management, I will get your website found by exactly the audience you need to expand and develop your business.

Design, Development, Online advertising …

We Are Constantly Innovating,
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At SlugDesign, we always take care to understand the business we are representing, and we work closely with our clients to Build websites to exact specifications. At SlugDesign will craft a contemporary and unique website just for you.

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Breen Driving School
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